What is the Medicine Wheel? 
The Medicine Wheel is a set of beliefs, practices, and activities, of the holistic spiritual, mystical, ecological and traditional thinking of indigenous cultures
These practices lead us to better understand our relationship with our inner being and develop our potential and personal skills in order to achieve a higher level of consciousness and spirituality (release old energy patterns)
Shamanism is a manifestation of the ancient wisdom of spiritual energy medicine to restore a psychosomatic balance personal and collective
In shamamism disease is an energy imbalance from internal or external cause that leads to a loss of power (vital energy) and then it manifests in the physical / emotional level
Through dynamic visualization, meditation, therapeutic rituals, including dynamic breathing we learn to develop our cognitive and perceptual skills for personal healing


"Hampi" The Inca Medicine Wheel
The Inca Medicine Wheel is based on the ancient knowled+ge of natural and energy medicine to restore, regulate the balance of body, mind and soul
"Hampi" in Quechua (Inca language) means medicine, healing and means that everything in the universe is an exchange of energy (quantum postulate)

But it also it represents an homeostatic balance and emotional universe, known as levels of consciousness. Teaches that man is a microcosm in constant dynamic with the macro universe working in balance "Ayni"
In medicine wheel "hampi" it is understood and uses the ancient knowledge of energy medicine, the use of various healing therapeutic dynamics and rituals such as: Healing Crystal, Energy Balance, Aromatherapy, Imagenery, Visualizations, Spiritual Healing, Hydrotherapy (water and minerals), massage therapy (body), purification (detoxification diets) and therapeutic rituals as “extractions” and “soul retrieval” for clearing, healing and restoration of the natural flow of energy levels of physical, of the person’s emotional and spiritual aspects
The ancient indigenous peoples of Peru used the symbol of the southern constellation and called the Andean cross "chakana" which was used as a spiritual cosmic culture order on the Inca culture.
In the practice of "Hampi" energy healer uses an altar called "mesa" which helps the healer to develop his "vision" and perceptual skills during their healing journey
"Mesa" is an square textile where shaman holds in it the main sacred objects as stones or crystals (Kuyas) from places they consider sacred called "Apus" as well as some herbs and grains (coca leaves, corn), ointments and potions
Through the "Mesa" we will learn the mysteries of energy medicine and understand and develop psychics functions to achieve higher states of consciousness, personal growing and healing
The workshops presented by Apus are aimed at people who want to develop their skills and energy healers, at the discovering the mysteries of shamanism and personal growth to a higher level of consciousness.

The program will introduce an approach to the different dynamics and therapeutics rituals of the Inca Shamanism
The program will comprehend the following 4 classes:


Mesa East:  OTORONGO: "The Luminous Jaguar Medicine"
Mesa South: PACHAMAMA: "The Emergent of the Feminine Power Medicine"
Mesa West: QENTI: "The Rainbow Hummingbird Medicine"
Mesa North: CONDOR: "The Rising Condor Medicine"
Classes can be held using SKYPE for further information contact Amaru
At the end of each program participants will receive a certification of completion. 

- Emotional Intelligence

- Retrieval of the Feminine Power

- "Hucha" Intrusive energy

- Extraction process

- Chakras & the Inca’s archetypes

- Intrusive Energies and Extraction

- Healing the Past imprints

- Activating the codes of light

- Creating a Despacho

- Transmission of shamanic healing energy

- “Karpay”

- “Kuty” Despacho
- "Karpay"
- "Despacho"








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