Shaman Healing Session (In person or Long Distance)

A private shamanic session with Amaru
is focused in the shamanic traditional way of channeling and harmonization of the universal vital energy.
Amaru uses traditional tools, such as sacred stone, crystals, rattles, chants, and prayers to be used as regenerators for re-imprinting light-codes of the vital energy (Illumination). You can receive the benefits of shamanic healing no matter where you live. Both distant and in-person shamanic healings are available and are equally effective, because shamanic healing is performed in the spirit realm.
In the world of energy, there is no such thing as time or space. Long distant healing, also known as remote healing, or absent healing effects are now being proven by science with Quantum Physics discoveries that energy is not restricted to any time or location

Cost $120

Extraction Healing (Intrusive Energies)
Extraction is a shaman therapeutic ritual, a form of energy healing which involves the removal of inappropriate "intrusions" from the spiritual body used in severe case of energy imbalance or when an intrusive energy invade or “sucks” our energy.
An intrusion may be experienced as pain, discomfort or an energy block in your body. In shamanic terms, this is caused by energy that is interfering with your power or process.
In a holistic thought when the body is being affected by an intrusive energy, it can become addictive negative emotions and directly it can affect our creativity and focus, clarity and balance in our everyday life situation.
These misplaced energies can be removed or extracted, allowing the flow of healthy, vital life force again, and a return to health and wellness.

Cost $120

Soul Retrieval (Soul Loss)
Soul Loss is a shamanic term used to describe an imbalance caused by the loss or disassociation of some part of our vital essence. It is a spiritual illness caused by trauma that can result in emotional or physical disease.
Soul retrieval is an ancient form of spiritual healing in which the shaman, (through prayer, visioning, soul flight and tracking) locates the lost vital essence (or soul parts) of the client and reintegrates them to restore Sacred Balance.
Shamans believe that when a person suffers from a physical or psychological trauma a part of our soul splits off and no longer contribute to the person’s whole being.
Retrieval of power has the function of finding and retrieves the lost part of the soul and the essence of this person. The Shaman finds and brings it back and restores it, returning back to you the strengths and energies creating a new resonance energetically allowing a person to shift and move forward in life in a deeply healing way, making you whole once again.

Cost $300

Power Animal Retrieval
Power animals are an essential component of shamanic practice.
In Andean Traditional Medicine it is belief that everything is alive and carries with it power and wisdom. Shaman medicine is referring to the special power that spirit gives to each part of creation as plants, rocks as well as creatures of the animal kingdom.
This medicine increases our connection with the spirit of Mother Earth “Pachamama” and can bring us healing, strength and wisdom.
The retrieval of a lost power animal can be a spiritually empowering and awakening event, helping to restore vitality, self-esteem, creativity and enthusiasm to your life. Your animal helps you recover and live from your personal spiritual power.

Cost $120

Curse and Spell Removal
Curses are composed of patterns of negative energy, or specific combinations of thought forms that are designed either consciously or unconsciously, to break up the flow of power within the person who is cursed. Curse is a form of spiritual attack and can cause illness and patterns of "bad luck." When cursed the universe ceases to conspire on your behalf. Removal of curses can produce physical healing and create powerful improvement in life force and quality of life experience.

Cost $120

Shamanic Home and Land Clearings and Blessings

Shamanic Space Clearing is a ritual where the shaman re-emprint misplaced energies left behind home and land Houses that people who once lived were living under events of imbalance, violence, trauma, disharmony, even curses that continues a negative influence. This energy can be the spiritual cause of continued conflicts, disharmony, imbalance and even illness.
In cases where a house may still holding the spirit of someone who died in it and is now ready to be psychopomped.
Shamanic home Clearing raise the vibrational frequency of your home, office and land.


Shamanic Couple Relationship Blessing
A shamanic couple relationship blessing help to reafirm their commitment to eachother empowering and embellishing a union with the natural elements and spirits that we live among. A ceremony of despacho munay is performed by the shaman to integrate the astral energies and Mother Earth, "Pachamama" with the energies and wishes from the couple.

Shamanic Psychopomp Healing
A Shaman is able to heal both the living and the deceased. In healing those who died, the shaman may perform a psychopomp ceremony to help the Soul of the deceased cross over to a welcoming and peaceful place, often to be reunited with predeceased loved ones. 
Psychopomp is shamanic method of guiding spirits of the dead to the place in the world of Spirit in which they need to go, is a Greek word that literally means ‘leader of souls’ and refers to the person who conducts souls after death into transcendent realities. 
This describes the action of a Shaman who accompanies the soul of a person who is dying on its transformation and journey back to its immortal spiritual home

Cost $120

Sacred Plants

San Pedro or "Huachuma" (Trichocereus pachanoi) is a cactus that has been used in traditional Peruvian medicine since ancient times as a visionary plants
In Chavin Culture (1,500 bc), the "Matrix Peruvian culture", the use of this cactus had great sacred connotation since they built temples to their practice, monolithic figures exist in the moment of trance or vision of taking the brew.
The "maestro shaman" through the San Pedro acquires visionary power to find the medicine to disease of spiritual, emotional, mental or physical character of the patient.


Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi). This is another of the plants used in traditional Peruvian medicine since ancient times mainly from Amazonian cultures. This vine when mixed with another component called "chacruna" (Psychotria viridiris) becomes a potent concoction that helps "ayahuasqueros teachers or purgeros" to "wake up" the visionary powers for healing purposes.






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