The program will prepare students to be initiated and working as Shamanic Energy Healers using shamanic method.
The program trains students to create a safe, effective, and powerful shaman healing dynamics and therapeutic rituals, for personal healing and also for working with the others. 

"Eyes of the puma" The Shamanic Journey: This workshop addresses the concepts and knowledge about the Shamanic Journey, in wich partipants will experience throught dynamic as visualizactions, meditations, dreamwork and sacred sounds (rattleling and druming) for accesing into a non ordinary state of consciousness, so the connection with the espiritual, magical world for decoding the mysteries of life and develop a higher level of consciousness, a profound rediscovery of personal creativity and psychic power
This ancient wisdon is being used since ancient time from spiritual energy healers to restore the equilibrium in the universe.


Students will developing abilities on focus and intent on consciousness and awareness. This process incorporates shamanic techniques that were transmitted to Amaru Li from different Maestros healers from Peru.


Healing The Connective Light Body is an energy field created by the vibrating atoms and molecules that radiates from our body and comprise all matter.
It contains all our imprints of karmic, personal and ancestral memories, trauma and wounds.

Energy Healers understand that this light body connect us with the Bio Matrix Universe througth vibrational frequencies of energy and light as emotions, feelings, thoughts, and intentions
Heavy energies can accumulate over the course of a lifetime and interrupt the free flow of energy through the chakras.
By clearing and transforming, these heavy energies become combusted and so, the luminous field can re-pattern the body and soul back to wellness.
The healing Journey & Luminous Body process removes intrusions, misplaced or heavy energies, from the Luminous Energy Field that surrounds a person, transforming those energies into light and source of power.

The luminous energy field is the blueprint level of our well-being and our emotional and physical health.
In this program we will activate our three first khuyas (Puma Stones) plus the Ayni Waca Stone, that symbolize the stone of the center.

The program will introduce an approach to the different dynamics and therapeutics rituals of the Inca Shamanism :

- The Healing Journey
- The Connective light Body
- Diagnosis and divination
- Shamanism and the Medicine Wheel
- The Archetypes
- The Energy bodies and structures

- Activating the Codes of Light

- Light and Energy
- "Karpay" The connective Rites
- Creating A "Mesa" Healing Altar
- Configurating the Healing Stones
- Creating Sacred Space
- Creating a "despacho"
- Inca Principles
- Power Animal
- "Susto" Cause of loss power
- Connective Light Body Healing Session
- Fire Ceremony
Tuition: The two - day tuition (from 10:30 am to 3 pm
$ 240.00








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