Amaru performing a Healing "Mesa San Pedro"


In this level we will learn the way of the Teacher who works as a counselor and training of new shamans practitioner 

This is the awakenig of the archetype of the wise healer, spiritual counselor, psychotherapist, medium

The program will introduce an approach to the ‘Mesa Curandera” the Peruvian shaman ancient way of healing as the main manifestation in Peruvian Shamanism
Andean shaman knew how to access archetypal and energetic realms and common within them, restoring balance, healing and abundance to the community.
The program will comprehend the following classes:


"Mesa Curandera": Students will learn the mythic healer archetypes in Andean Cosmology using their shamanic tools and rituals.
The class will cover diagnose, treatment recovering spiritual and psychological well-being. Participants will focus deep in working with their "mesa" (shaman's medicine bundle) which will allow expanding their spiritual power with their shamanic tools.
When we suffer soul loss we can feel a deep void within us and we may experience emotions such as anger, depression, anxiety, and fear. These behaviors can become habitual addictions, and can negatively affect us   emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.
We will learn the therapeutic ritual call “Mesada” the art of Healing. Students will work in treating two of the most popular ailment in Peruvian Shamanic Medicine such: The "Susto" (Fright) and "Hucha" (negative imprint).


“Maestro Curandero”S haman plays the role of healer in shamanic societies; shamans gain knowledge and power by traversing the axis mundi and bringing back knowledge from the heavens.
Oftentimes the shaman has, or acquires, one or more familiar helping entities in the spirit world; these are often spirits in animal form, spirits of healing plants or (sometimes) those of departed shamans.
Mesa is the vortex of energy or altar that shaman uses to interact with the visionary world with the world of spirits.
The shaman's "Mesa" can be composed by objects or "tools" conceived by superior spirits or Apus during a spiritual journey, or by objects with which the shaman feels a special connection.
These objects can be, crystals, flower water, rattles, feathers, bells, etc., which are purified with "Llausas" (breath of energy) which the shaman previously prepares. Creating our mesa is a way of using our visionary ability, magic and intuition.

- Consciousness & unconciousness

- Structure of the mind

- The Sacred Plants

- "Icaros" Sacred Chants

- "Mesa Curandera"

- Function of the Oracle

- The Flowering rite

- Long distance Healing Session

- Ritual with Candles, flower and oils

- Creating Shamanic Amulets

- "Karpay"
- "Despacho"





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